Wondering if Sears still exchanges broken Craftsman tools? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

If you’ve ever experienced the frustration of a broken tool, you know how important it is to have a reliable warranty and exchange policy in place. Sears has long been associated with the trusted Craftsman brand, known for its quality tools. But does Sears still offer exchanges for broken Craftsman tools?

In this article, we’ll dive into the details and answer all your burning questions about Sears and their policy on broken Craftsman tool exchanges. So, let’s get started and find out if you can still count on Sears to help you out when your tools need some fixing!

does sears still exchange broken craftsman tools?

Does Sears Still Exchange Broken Craftsman Tools?

Craftsman tools have long been a staple of the American garage, known for their durability and reliability. Many longtime Craftsman tool users have come to rely on Sears for their tool replacement needs. However, with Sears facing financial challenges and store closures in recent years, it’s natural to wonder if they still offer exchanges for broken Craftsman tools. In this article, we will explore the current state of Sears’ exchange policy for broken Craftsman tools and provide you with all the information you need.

The Legacy of Craftsman Tools at Sears

Craftsman tools have a rich history at Sears. The brand was first introduced by Sears in 1927 and quickly gained a reputation for quality and craftsmanship. For many years, Sears offered a lifetime warranty on Craftsman tools, cementing their position as a trusted provider of reliable tools.

Sears’ exchange policy allowed customers to bring in their broken Craftsman tools and receive a replacement. This policy was a major selling point for Craftsman tools and played a significant role in building customer loyalty. However, with the changing times and the challenges faced by Sears, the exchange policy has undergone some changes as well.

Changes to the Exchange Policy

In 2017, Stanley Black & Decker acquired the Craftsman brand from Sears. This acquisition meant that Sears would no longer be the exclusive retailer for Craftsman tools. However, Sears still continues to sell Craftsman tools in their stores and online.

With the change in ownership, there have been adjustments to the exchange policy for broken Craftsman tools. While Sears still honors the lifetime warranty on some Craftsman tools, the exchange process has become more complex. Customers are now required to contact the Craftsman brand directly for warranty claims and exchanges. This means that the process may take longer than before, as you’ll need to navigate the Craftsman website or reach out to their customer service for assistance.

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How to Exchange Broken Craftsman Tools

If you have a broken Craftsman tool and are looking to exchange it, here are the steps you need to follow:

1. Check the warranty: Craftsman offers different warranties for different tools. Some tools may still be covered by the lifetime warranty, while others may have limited or no warranty. Visit the Craftsman website or consult the tool’s documentation to determine if your tool is eligible for an exchange.

2. Reach out to Craftsman: To initiate the exchange process, you’ll need to contact Craftsman’s customer service. You can find their contact information on their website or use their online form to submit a warranty claim. Be prepared to provide details about the broken tool, including the model number, purchase date, and any other relevant information.

3. Follow the instructions: Once you’ve submitted your warranty claim, Craftsman’s customer service team will guide you through the next steps. They may ask for additional information or request that you send in the broken tool for inspection. Follow their instructions carefully to ensure a smooth exchange process.

It’s important to note that while Craftsman tools are still sold at Sears, the exchange process is now handled by Craftsman directly. Sears may still offer additional services and support, but for warranty claims and exchanges, it’s best to contact Craftsman.

The Benefits of Craftsman Tools

Craftsman tools have a long-standing reputation for quality and durability. Here are some of the key benefits of using Craftsman tools:

1. Durability: Craftsman tools are built to last, with high-quality materials and precision engineering. They can withstand heavy use and are designed to handle the toughest tasks.

2. Wide range of options: Craftsman offers a wide variety of tools for different applications. Whether you’re a homeowner tackling DIY projects or a professional tradesperson, Craftsman has the right tool for the job.

3. Lifetime warranty: While the exchange process may have changed, Craftsman still offers warranties on many of their tools. This provides peace of mind knowing that your investment is protected.

4. Compatibility: Craftsman tools are designed to be compatible with each other, allowing you to build a comprehensive tool collection over time. This makes it easier to switch between tools and ensures a seamless working experience.

Tips for Maintaining Your Craftsman Tools

To ensure the longevity of your Craftsman tools, here are some tips for proper maintenance:

1. Clean regularly: After each use, clean your tools with a cloth and remove any dirt, debris, or moisture. This helps prevent rust and corrosion.

2. Store properly: Store your tools in a dry and climate-controlled area to avoid exposure to moisture. Use toolboxes or storage cabinets to keep them organized and protected.

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3. Lubricate moving parts: Apply lubricating oil or grease to moving parts of your tools to keep them working smoothly. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for the appropriate lubrication.

4. Avoid excessive force: While Craftsman tools are built for durability, excessive force or misuse can still damage them. Use your tools within their designed parameters and avoid putting unnecessary strain on them.

By following these maintenance tips and taking advantage of the lifetime warranty offered by Craftsman, you can keep your tools in top condition and ensure that they last for years to come.


While the exchange process for broken Craftsman tools has undergone changes with the transition of the Craftsman brand to Stanley Black & Decker, Sears still plays a role in the sales and support of Craftsman tools. For warranty claims and exchanges, it’s best to reach out directly to Craftsman’s customer service. By following the steps outlined in this article and properly maintaining your Craftsman tools, you can continue to enjoy the quality and reliability that Craftsman is known for.

Key Takeaways: Does Sears Still Exchange Broken Craftsman Tools?

  • 1. Yes, Sears still exchanges broken Craftsman tools for a replacement.
  • 2. Craftsman tools have a lifetime warranty, so you can get a new tool if it breaks.
  • 3. You can take your broken tool to a Sears store or contact customer service for assistance.
  • 4. Sears may ask for proof of purchase or the original packaging when exchanging a broken tool.
  • 5. Sears’s exchange policy may vary, so it’s best to check with the specific store or customer service for the most up-to-date information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions section, designed to address any queries you may have about Sears’ policy on exchanging broken Craftsman tools. Below, we have compiled a list of common questions for your convenience. Take a look!

1. What is Sears’ policy on exchanging broken Craftsman tools?

Sears understands that accidents happen, and that’s why they continue to offer a warranty on Craftsman tools. If your Craftsman tool breaks or fails to perform properly under normal usage, Sears provides an exchange or refund within the specified warranty period. Sears stands behind the quality of Craftsman tools and is committed to customer satisfaction.

To avail the exchange or refund, simply bring the broken tool, along with proof of purchase, to your nearest Sears store or authorized service center. Their knowledgeable staff will assist you with the process and ensure you leave with a replacement or refund.

2. Do I need to provide a receipt for the exchange?

While it is always best to keep your receipt for future reference, Sears understands that it may not always be possible. In such cases, Sears will make every effort to assist you with the exchange or refund, as long as the tool is within the warranty period. They may request some additional information to validate the purchase, such as the date of purchase or the form of payment used, to help expedite the process.

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However, it is recommended to keep your receipt in a safe place, as it will make the process smoother and quicker.

3. Is the warranty on Craftsman tools limited?

Yes, the warranty on Craftsman tools is limited to defects in material or workmanship. It does not cover regular wear and tear or damage caused by misuse, abuse, or alteration of the tool. If the tool breaks due to a manufacturing defect or faulty workmanship, Sears will provide an exchange or refund within the warranty period.

It is essential to use the tool as intended, following the manufacturer’s instructions, to maintain the validity of the warranty. If in doubt, consult the tool’s documentation or contact Sears for clarification.

4. Can I exchange a broken Craftsman tool purchased online?

Absolutely! Sears allows customers to exchange or return broken Craftsman tools purchased both in-store and online. If you’ve purchased a Craftsman tool through Sears’ website or any other authorized online retailer, you can take advantage of Sears’ warranty and visit a Sears store or authorized service center for an exchange or refund.

Make sure to bring the broken tool, along with any supporting documentation, such as the packing slip or confirmation email, to expedite the process and ensure a smooth exchange or refund experience.

5. How long does the warranty on Craftsman tools last?

The warranty period for Craftsman tools may vary depending on the specific product. Generally, Craftsman hand tools carry a lifetime warranty, while select power tools may have a shorter warranty period. It’s important to check the warranty information provided with the tool or consult Sears’ website for specific details on the warranty duration for the particular Craftsman tool you purchased.

If you’re unsure about the warranty period or have further questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to Sears’ customer service or visit a Sears store for assistance. They will be more than happy to clarify any doubts and guide you through the warranty process.

does sears still exchange broken craftsman tools? 2

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Sears no longer exchanges broken Craftsman tools because they have changed their warranty policy. The new policy requires customers to send the broken tool to a repair center for evaluation and potential repair or replacement.

This change means that customers will have to wait longer to get a replacement for their broken tools, and they may also have to cover the shipping costs. It’s important for customers to be aware of this new policy before purchasing any Craftsman tools from Sears.

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